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Richard Siudek

Marvin.Thanks so much for this very professional assessment.

Angie’s List

He was a professional. He was informative as he inspected the home. We received a detailed report within hours. We were very satisfied with everything.

Paul Bugbee

Great work, thorough!

Athena Lynn

They were fantastic! they showed up on time, did what they were supposed to do, they sent a very detailed report. They were incredibly knowledgeable and we’re very happy we used their services.

Edward Arace

Marvin inspected our condo on 4/24. Timely, efficient, informative and reasonably priced.
Very nice.

Edward Heben

Mr. Maizel inspected a home we plan to purchase in West Palm Beach. He and an assistant were already at the property working when we arrived. I didn’t pay attention to exactly how long they took, but it was at least an hour after my arrival. They inspected the exterior, roof, garage, attic, electric and water service, water heater, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, kitchen and appliances and all of the interior rooms. When they were done he sat down with us, expained what they found and made his recommendations verbally, taking time to say what he thought was more important ahd what was less important. That evening he posted a thorough written report via a link on an email to us.
We were very pleased with with the work he did and his attention to our concerns about the house. He was also very responsive to a subsequent call for clarification on an item. He was very easy to work with and very easy to talk to. We would be very confident in using his services again. Our agent, who was present also thought he was very thorough and said she would recommend him to other clients.

Bill Eckberg

Excellent. He is fantastic I could not say enough about him. He is prompt, very professional on time. Excellent service.

Lynn Surprenant


Thank you for doing the property inspections for my clients. I appreciate you and the time you make and the way you do your job.

Brian Hurst

Hi Marvin;
Thanks so much for coming out to inspect our house on such short notice. We appreciated you taking the time to explain everything to us. We were grateful that your inspection was so thorough, as were your notes. You gave us the peace of mind to continue with the sale, and we could not be happier! We’ll be recommending your services to our friends and family.
Thanks again,

Joseph and Kathryn
Delray Beach, Florida

To whom it may concern,

I was greatly impressed by Mr. Maizel’s recent home inspection of a residence I intend to buy in Jupiter, Florida. He was prompt, professional and courteous. Most of all his inspection was extremely thorough and provided me the confidence I needed to proceed with the transaction.

Sam Havelock

Thank you for the excellent work. You were on time very precise, neat and gave an excellent oral and written report and summary of what had to be done.

Dee Banker

I recently had an inspection conducted by Marvin Maizel and his assistant on a townhouse in Palm Beach Gardens. I was very impressed with his attention to detail as well as his systematic and thorough approach. Their search for potential problems took them from the roof top, to the attic crawl space, above drop ceilings, inside cabinets and around the foundation. Upon completion, we were givin a tour of his findings along with easy to understand explanations of specific points he felt required our attention. Then there was the written report, complete with pictures, recommendations and concerns. Overall I feel the service was professional and comprehensive, exactly what you would want in an inspection.


Mark Askew

Thank you for all your detailed, frequent, deliberate and correct analysis, ideas and advice throughout the many months of construction! We love our new home and we owe a significant amount of the wonderful finished product to you! With great appreciation and thanks.

Jeff and Cecilia Garrity

Mr. Maizel,
Thanks for a wonderful job with the inspection.You explained the inspection in detail and gave great suggestions. I would recommend you to all of my friends if anyone needed a home inspection. Thanks again.

James Tu

Mr. Maizel recently provided inspection services for a property my wife and I are buying in Florida. Mr. Maizel was timely, thorough, and very informative. The inspection process was conducted in a professional and courteous manner, and the written report was clear, precise and written in layman’s terms that we could understand and, Mr. Maizel was available for a brief follow up phone call wherein he gladly answered our questions without reservation. A true client advocate, and a marvelous job.

Ed Heben

I just wanted to thank you for being so thorough. Your knowledge was extremely evident in you attention to detail. I also appreciated that you provided us with a comprensive report the same day as the inspection that included photographs and explanations of your findings. You also called to confirm that we had received your report. I would recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a home.
Kind Regards,

Amy Alley

Thank you so much for your great inspection. We are trying to decide how to proceed. We will certainly pass your name on to anyone looking for a great inspection.
Thanks again,

Cynthia Graves

I am giving your name and contact information to some friends of mine that are purchasing a home in the area. They need and inspection done and I told them that you are the man.

Greg Olson

I appreciate all the help you provided for my parents. I am so happy that Ginny and Marc referred us to you since we are not from this area and don’t know who to trust yet. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone that is looking to buy a home. Not only did you put my mind and my parents mind at ease because you geniunely wanted to help them but your inspection report was very comprehensive and easy to read. While it was a big relief there weren’t any major repairs that needed to be done, my dad, who likes to do his own handy work, will use your inspection report to perform minor repairs on his own time. He has a professional “honey do” list he can reference and complete. Thanks so much again!


Silvia Taylor on behalf of Franco and Giulia Carnevale

I have had numerous home inspections in the past and none of them was as thorough as the inspection performed by Marvin Maizel. He greatly assisted us with the inspection of our new home and pointed out some deficiencies that we were able to have the seller repair prior to closing that would have caused issues for us in the future.
Thank you Marvin!

Dr. Sheldon Rich

Thank you so much for the great job you did inspecting our new apartment. I will recommend you to our friends or if anyone needs an inspector for their home.

Sevinc Ryan

You did a great job on the inspection. We (Bosso Realty) typically do not recommend any particular inspector but we do give our clients three or four names of people we have worked with in the past as inspectors. I will add your name to the list.

Anne Bosso
Bosso Realty

Marvin is extremely competent and thorough…reports are promptly issued and well organized.

Bob Bulitt
Leibowitz Realty

I liked your professionalism and the extensive report.
Thank You!

Elisa Nabut

We are very satisfied by the inspection you have made. The work was done fast and very well. The report which we have received the same day by email was complete and easily comprehensible and last but not the least, the price was really good.
Thank You.

Robert Lenneville

Marvin gave us a thorough and complete inspection including photographs demonstrating his comments. It was easy to set up the appointment. His demeanor was professional at the first contact, the actual inspection and the follow-up. We can highly recommend him and his service.

Pam Owen

I want to thank you for your most comprehensive and detailed inspection of the condominium that I was planning to purchase. I was pleased with your report and it removed any doubts about making the purchase.
Paul Pincus

Dear Mr. Maizel,
Thanks for your time and expertise today in looking over the home. It is nice to meet a home inspector that has expertise coupled with common sense. We haven’t decided yet on the property, as we still have some thinking to do on that, but we will surely save your phone number for any other home inspections that we might need.
Again, thanks for your time and thoughts in this matter.

Very truly,

Sarah Valencia

In this economy it is very hard to know when to pull the trigger on buying a new, bigger and more expensive home.
The fact that someone with your training and credentials can inspect the home and provide me with a list of things to watch in the future and/or fix right away is very comforting. The fact that you found only minor things reinforced my desire to buy and also put my wife at ease.
I also found that a successful inspection helped with the financing process.
Thanks again, we go to settlement on the first of the month and are very excited.


Michael A. DeSimone

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