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Professional dissertation help

At present, the requirements to the personal qualities of students Professional dissertation help are becoming topical – the ability to replenish and update knowledge independently, to search for the necessary teaching materials.
 The orientation of the learning process to a self-developing personality makes the learning process impossible without giving students the right to choose the ways and means of teaching. A new goal of the educational process is emerging-the upbringing of a competent personality capable of solving typical problems and tasks based on the acquired learning experience and an adequate assessment of a specific situation.
Achieving this goal is impossible without increasing the role of students’ independent work on teaching material, strengthening the teacher’s responsibility for developing independent work skills, stimulating the professional growth of students, fostering their creative activity and initiative.
The essence of the independent work of students as a specific pedagogical design is determined by the peculiarities of the educational and cognitive tasks posed in it. Therefore, independent work is not just an independent activity of students in the assimilation of educational material, but a special system of learning conditions organized by the teacher

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