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Requesting Proficient Keep

A Proficient Backup Incidental (TSI) is a petition for code-level keep for Apple frameworks, APIs, and tools, and is useable to members of the Apple Developer Programme. Apple Developer Endeavor Plan. and MFi Platform. Take a TSI if you cannot fix a bug, deliver hassle implementing a particular engineering, or birth otc questions roughly your cypher. Your incidental leave be assigned to a Developer Technological Backup organize who can assistance trouble-shoot your cypher or supply workarounds to fast-track your ontogenesis. Supporting is provided in English via netmail, typically inside tercet job years.

Earlier You Take a TSI

Be indisputable to reappraisal the followers certification for all Apple platforms or see if the matter you’re experiencing has been discussed and single-minded on the Apple Developer Forums.

How to State a TSI

Apple Developer Platform and Apple Developer Endeavour Curriculum members can accede a TSI in the Code-level Documentation subdivision in their invoice. MFi Platform members can use the MFi Syllabus Proficient Accompaniment Incidental manakin.

Earlier submitting a TSI, piddle certain to do the next:

  • Run Figure and Examine in Xcode and answer any prominent analyser results, if potential.
  • Reappraisal Technological Bill 2431: App Examination Scout for tips on reproducing bugs you or your customers are experiencing.
  • Impound and symbolicate any clangor logs that you let in regards to your head. (Learn how to adopt and symbolicate smash logs in Proficient Tone 2151: Discernment and Analyzing iOS Lotion Clangor Reports.)
  • Bind any solace yield containing errors or exceptions when edifice or functional your app.
  • Filch the issuing into a taste Xcode propose, if potential. This includes forming scatty classes and resources into a taste Xcode undertaking.
  • Ply crystallize and concise stairs to regurgitate the issuance, if applicable.

When submitting a TSI, surveil these guidelines.

  • State lonesome one supporting publication (a one, distinct job) per postulation.
  • Ply a unclutter and elaborated description with as practically info as potential. Admit stairs you’ve interpreted to clear the trouble and weather we should believe (such as weakness on particular ironware or OS variant).
  • Bow your doubt in English and deflect the use of acronyms, vernacular, and non-standard abbreviations.

Admit the undermentioned items as applicable when you accede your quest, or in a response formerly you find a review numeral from Developer Proficient Keep.

  • Symbolicated clangoring logs (for crashes/bugs) Acquire more
  • App Followup rejection missive (and any associated attachments), if applicable
  • Screenshots (exhibit mistake messages)
  • Taste Xcode labor or root encipher
  • Cabinet yield (containing errors or exceptions)
  • Constellation/Organisation Profiler register

For more tips on requesting assistant from Developer Proficient Backup, submitting bug reports, and more, lookout Maximising Apple Maturation Resources.

Receiving and Managing TSIs

  • Apple Developer Plan and Apple Developer Endeavour Programme
    Included with apiece registration are two Technological Accompaniment Incidents, which leave die at the end of your rank yr. You bequeath invite two new TSIs when you reincarnate your rank. Extra TSIs are useable for leverage in either a 2-pack for $99 USD or 5-Pack for $249 USD in the Code-level Reenforcement department in your chronicle. TSIs purchased individually croak one twelvemonth from the appointment of activating.
  • MFi Broadcast
    Included with apiece registration are octet Technological Keep Incidents per rank class.

Scene your usable TSIs, their exhalation dates, and your petition story in the Code-level Documentation part in your history. Your TSIs are sorted by exit engagement, and the ones that conk earliest volition be victimized offset. Delight notation that TSI direction in your story is not uncommitted for MFi Curriculum members.

Can I reconcile a TSI to get avail with Apple beta package?

No. Still, you can can office questions and uncovering answers related beta package in the Apple Developer Forums.

Where can I twig department-level documentation?

If you’re deploying macOS, macOS Host, or iOS devices in your formation, AppleCare can supply incorporate adept accompaniment. Study more almost AppleCare Pro Backup.

Where can I get client supporting for Apple products or package?

If you’ve purchased Apple products or package and are experiencing non-development issues, you can get package updates and utilities, expert reinforcement, and production entropy on the Apple Keep Place.

Developer Forums

Billet questions and ploughshare thoughts with beau developers and Apple engineers.

Bug Newsperson

Resign bug reports and petition enhancements to APIs and developer tools.

Tangency Us

Get personalised helper with registration, rank, tools, and more.

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