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I’ve been workings for a new party for the end 7months, and I’m the just SW Dev on locate. My ferment seems to be stacking up just, and my line pad is pickings a banging with new features, bugs, and hereafter growth.

When I was in uni we victimized a few SW looping processes (nimble, scrummage etcetera etcetera) and we use to deliver about dear tools to rails what we were doing.

What tools do you guys use to racetrack these rather things? and could you spot me in the centering of a near justify app! Virtually I’ve plant are web based, but would ideally wish a indigene Windows iphone app designer app.

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If you pauperism something uncomplicated trac oftentimes plant effective. It lacks more muscular externalise direction features, but for simpleton trailing of todo-items I cogitate it plant advantageously.

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