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Play the Roving for Maturation Squad

M. Yasmina McCarty

Psyche of Peregrine for Growth

Yasmina is the Caput of Peregrine for Ontogenesis, where she leads a squad of 80 operative crossways octad worldwide initiatives to pitch innovations in fiscal services, wellness, husbandry, digital individuality, vigor, h2o, sanitization, calamity resiliency and sexuality par. Our ferment brings unitedly fluid operators, detective innovators, donors, governments and insurance makers and has had an gremlin on 28 meg multitude crosswise 45 countries. Ahead connection the GSMA, Yasmina co-founded GreenMango, a mixer endeavor in India, portion low-income entrepreneurs produce their businesses. As CEO of GreenMango, Yasmina was recognised as a TED India Chap, Reechoing Jet Chap, and Cartier Women’s First Asia Laureate. Yasmina too worked in microfinance at Women’s Mankind Banking and ACCION USA, development client insights and fiscal products in emergent markets. Yasmina holds an MBA from London Occupation Schooling and Columbia Job Shoal and a BS come from Northwest University. She is a Elder Adviser to the UNCDF Meliorate than Cash Alinement and was latterly named in the World-wide Telecoms Patronage and the Economical Multiplication number of Top Charwoman to Vigil.

Areef Kassam

Header of Peregrine for Growing Utilities

Areef is the Conductor of the Nomadic for Maturation Utilities Plan. Therein part, he is responsible direction of the plan squad, situated in London, Midsection Eastward, Africa and Asia, and the boilersuit saving and ontogenesis of the plan objectives. The aim of the M4D Utilities broadcast is to reenforcement the fluid diligence in its typical spot to aid clear the challenges of commercially extending admittance to vim, irrigate and sanitisation services in emergent markets by leverage the wandering net engineering and substructure. Areef has worked with the GSMA since 2009 and was antecedently the Manager of the Common Powerfulness for Wandering curriculum. Anterior to workings with the GSMA, Areef worked at Roshan, focalization on procural, supplying strand and mesh preparation. Areef has a BSc in Technology from the University of Alberta and an MBA from London Line Schooltime.

Claire Sibthorpe

Brain of Attached Women

Claire is the Drumhead of Affiliated Women which is focussed on accelerating digital and fiscal comprehension for women and workings with fluid operators and their partners to direct the barriers to women accessing and exploitation fluid net and fluid money services. Claire has been workings for 20 age with populace, secret and external growth organisations on societal insurance and serving bringing with a center entropy and communications engineering (ICT) insurance and pattern. She has highly-developed, managed and enforced programmes in Africa, Asia and the UK including as a aged adviser at Atos KPMG Consulting and at IDRC. Claire holds an MSc in Societal Explore Methods (2012) and an MSc in Mixer Insurance and Preparation in Development Countries (1997) from the London Schoolhouse of Economics and Government (LSE).

Natalia Pshenichnaya

Drumhead of mNutrition (mAgri he so managed the M4D Encroachment curriculum. Anterior to connection the GSMA, Max worked at Orangish on innovation-related projects for the 20+ AMEA affiliates of the Grouping, outset as a Undertaking Director, so as the Clientele Evolution Strategical Merchandising Director, based in Jordan and France. Max started his vocation as a Telecommunication Scheme Advisor with Altai Consulting, where he worked on projects for Roshan in Afghanistan and Asiacell in Iraq. Max holds a Masters in Direction from HEC Schooling of Direction, Paris, France, and a Masters in Outside Direction from ESADE Clientele Shoal, Barcelona, Spain.

Mireya Almazán

Mind of Roving Money

Mireya Almazán is Nous of Wandering Money, operative with our members and partners to speed the growing of the roving money ecosystem. She coupled the GSMA in 2013 and has held assorted roles, including Commercialize Booking Conductor of Nomadic Money for Latin America. Anterior to the GSMA, Mireya was a Platform Officeholder at the Visor Melinda Gates Introduction for six eld. At the Gates Initiation, Mireya was a key subscriber to the Fiscal Services for the Pathetic radical scheme. She focussed on identifying new investiture opportunities relating to fiscal comprehension and managed a portfolio of factor and wandering banking grants in E Africa and former geographies. Mireya has too worked as a advisor and psychoanalyst in the world and secret sectors, including the US Authorities. She earned a Masters of Populace Insurance from Georgetown University and a BA in Economics from Harvard University.

Philippe Bellordre

Curriculum Conductor for Nomadic for Ontogenesis

Philippe is the Program Conductor for Roving for Maturation (M4D), responsible the rescue of the dissimilar M4D programmes, in quislingism with the M4D squad, GSMA members and partners. He coupled GSMA in 2012 and has held diverse roles including Propose Coach for IP Interconnectedness and Program Handler for Peregrine Money. Anterior to GSMA, Philippe worked 10 age in respective externalize direction roles inside Orangeness: he managed commercial-grade projects on B2C copious communications services (RCS) and B2B vocalisation and information services. He was too responsible the moulding of resultant costs for Orangeness France. Sooner in his vocation, he was responsible the normalization and execution of Multimedia Messaging Services in Orangish. Philippe has a Passkey in Job Government from the University of Warwick and a Passe-partout of Skill from the University of Bristol.

Vishal Mathur

Brain of Machine-accessible Guild

Vishal is the Caput of the Affiliated Companionship curriculum, focussed on delivering insights, quest innovational approaches and advocating the persona that the nomadic industriousness plays in bridging the globular connectivity gap. Coupled to the 17 Sustainable Developing Goals (SDGs), the Affiliated Guild curriculum has a sight to digitally tie and driving nomadic net employment for 2.5 million underserved adults by Twenty. Vishal’s squad deeds with the nomadic manufacture and key stakeholders to meliorate mesh reporting, affordability, digital skills and topically relevant message, in chase of wider acceptance of the fluid cyberspace. Anterior to this, Vishal held the part of Header of Strategical Fight, MENA, besides at the GSMA. Intrinsically, he was responsible key region-specific initiatives approximately Digital Identicalness in phoebe markets inside the Arab States, administrator roundtables focussed on wandering insurance and edifice the peregrine manipulator purpose inside M2M/IoT and Peregrine Money sectors. Vishal has an MBA from London Byplay Civilise and concluded 19 age of consulting and administrator battle get gained from top grade consulting houses and telecoms brands, including Accenture, A.T. Kearney, Telefonica O2 and Huawei.

Affiliated Lodge Squad

Vishal Mathur

Psyche of Attached Guild

Vishal is the Mind of the Machine-accessible Gild curriculum, focussed on delivering insights, quest modern approaches and advocating the office that the peregrine diligence plays in bridging the ball-shaped connectivity gap. Coupled to the 17 Sustainable Ontogenesis Goals (SDGs), the Attached Gild program has a imaginativeness to digitally join and ride nomadic net utilisation for 2.5 1000000000000 underserved adults by 20. Vishal’s squad workings with the roving industriousness and key stakeholders to better meshing reportage, affordability, digital skills and topically relevant capacity, in chase of wider acceptance of the fluid net. Anterior to this, Vishal held the function of Psyche of Strategical Booking, MENA, too at the GSMA. Intrinsically, he was responsible key region-specific initiatives some Digital Identicalness in 5 markets inside the Arab States, administrator roundtables focussed on wandering insurance and edifice the nomadic manipulator persona inside M2M/IoT and Fluid Money sectors. Vishal has an MBA from London Clientele Schooltime and o’er 19 geezerhood of consulting and administrator employment see gained from top grade consulting houses and telecoms brands, including Accenture, A.T. Kearney, Telefonica O2 and Huawei.

Notch Rossman

Attached Order Syllabus Director

Notch is the Affiliated Guild Broadcast Director, responsible ensuring curriculum objectives are delivered to clip, inside toll and compass. Gouge linked the GSMA IN 2012 where he contributed to the Roaming curriculum, Machine-accessible Life Plan and Personal Information syllabus. Notch has a substantial manipulator backdrop, having managed projects for Deutsche Telekom UK, Rogers and Fido (Canada).

Sarah Crampsie

Consumer and Contentedness Handler, Attached Lodge Broadcast

Sarah is the Consumer and Contented Handler for GSMA’s Machine-accessible Guild Curriculum, keeping duty for the boilersuit ontogenesis of the scheme and model of those plan workstreams. Sarah coupled the GSMA in 2006 and is a co-founder of the GSMA mWomen plan, star on conception, rescue and partnerships. She brings with her live from crossways industries, facilitating, managing, and implementing versatile projects.

Ferdous Mottakin

Commercialise Conflict Coach, Substructure Economics Wokstream, Attached Gild Plan

Ferdous is the Commercialize employment handler for the Base Economics workstream of the GSMA Attached Company curriculum, responsible development scheme and piquant with industriousness players. Additionally, his persona involves creating industriousness collaborations for enhancing rural connectivity and delivery outdo practise roughly it. Ferdous coupled the GSMA in February 2010. Anterior to his stream office, he was the broadcast coach for the GSMA Viridity Powerfulness for Nomadic Plan (GPM). Ferdous was tangled in GSMA-led navigate projects for Nomadic for Developing Utilities for Eastward Africa and India. He besides led Viridity Powerfulness for Fluid projects in India, Southward America, Primal Asia, Southward Asia Eastward Africa. Anterior to connection the GSMA, Ferdous led Huawei’s PMO for the Telenor world-wide history in Asia Peaceable area. Ferdous holds a Bach grade of Electronics Technology from Simon Fraser University of British Columbia.

Alex Metalworker

Insights Coach, Attached Guild Plan

Alex workings as an Insights Handler inside the Attached Companionship squad, focused on the Capacity and Digital Literacy work-streams. Alex united from the GSMA’s Peregrine for Evolution Hob squad, which highly-developed substance to accompaniment increased investing and founding in roving products and services in rising markets. Hither, he was responsible stellar office of the team’s enquiry schedule and support the programme’s direction, including the exploitation of their site. Anterior to this he was running for a evolution consultancy and sociable endeavour in London. Alex holds a BA level from the University of Nottingham and an MSc in External World Insurance from University College London.

Guillaume Touchard

Manager, Base Economics, Machine-accessible Company Curriculum

As Substructure Economics Conductor, Guillaume is support GSMA’s efforts to tangibly serve operators in bridging the peregrine wideband reportage gap crossways rising markets. Guillaume’s study has systematically focussed on the exploitation of the roving manufacture crosswise AMEA for the yesteryear 10 geezerhood. His anterior roles in the industriousness byzantine underdeveloped marketplace strategies in quislingism with C-Level direction to raise evaluate genesis of peregrine products and services crossways peregrine operations in the Center Eastward and Sub-Saharan Africa. As a advisor, he well-advised a blanket multifariousness of MNOs on constituent also as extraneous development strategies. He likewise led projects looking the regularization of interconnectedness, wideband networks straighten and contentedness digital strategies. Guillaume has worked extensively in Indonesia, Thailand, Congou Brazzaville, Bone Seacoast, Mali, Jordan and Kenya. Guillaume holds an MSc in Media Communicating Rule Insurance from the London Civilize of Economics too as a BSc in Outside Dealings. He is silver in French, English and Spanish.

Gaia Penteriani

Fluid Affordability Solutions Workstream Coach

Gaia leads the Wandering Affordability Solutions sour flow of the GSMA Attached Gild plan, load-bearing the industry’s accusative to increment wandering wideband connectivity by impulsive reversal to concentrate the be of peregrine possession and exercise. She deeds with insurance makers and external organisations in rising markets to frown the be of investment in base and providing peregrine services, including be barriers such as peregrine sphere particular tax. As share of her use, Gaia too supports nomadic operators and ecosystem players to contrive strategies that can lour the be of connectivity. Gaia is an economist by backcloth and has across-the-board live in economical consulting and inquiry. Anterior to connexion the GSMA, Gaia dog-tired respective eld in consulting advising secret companies, governments and NGOs done the lotion of economical possibility, evaluating insurance interventions, economical and mixer impacts, and occupation profitableness in a all-inclusive stove of industries. Gaia holds an MA in Economics from Boston University and BA and MSc in Economical and Mixer Sciences from Bocconi University.

Madeleine Karlsson

Supporter Coach, Insights, Attached Guild Broadcast

Madeleine is Help Insights Director inside the Attached Company Syllabus, producing inquiry and psychoanalysis crosswise the programme’s focussing areas. Madeleine coupled the GSMA in 2014 functional for the Attached Women Plan, and has antecedently conducted inquiry psychoanalysis for Programme UK and worked with organizational growing and battlefield explore in E and Southerly Africa. Madeleine holds an MSc in Exploitation Governance and Provision from University College London and a BA in Fight and Growing Studies from Linnaeus University.

Cassandra Watson

Adjunct Projection Coach

As Affiliated Lodge Supporter Externalize Handler, I am responsible assisting with the direction and documentation of all broadcast activities, ensuring projects and deliverables are realised to the needful layer of timber, on sentence and inside budget and that the plan delivers on its KPIs and targets. Started the GSMA initially on the receipt desk, followed by a coordinator post inside Functional Groups- Engineering Section, which focussed on the pragmatic aspects of functional fluid services tod and into the hereafter. Responsibilities included managing meetings, conferences from origination to closing of more G attendees both internationally and topically, link with Sponsors and Exhibitors for bigger Events, conceptualisation and effectuation of merchandising scheme to enunciate key merchandising messages and ferment with extraneous agencies to designing and farm selling corroborative, piquant the GSMA and fluid operators. I clutches a Bach Honours in Sociology from Imperial Holloway University likewise as a PRINCE2 Founding credential in propose direction.

Jonathan Vesey

Fluid Booking Handler for Substructure Economics

Jon is the Peregrine Fight Coach for Base Economics at the GSMA. Therein office, he supports roving mesh operators as they break their plans for connecting the odd two zillion world-wide citizens. Anterior to connexion the GSMA in January 2016, Jon worked for Millicom Outside Cellular, where he led a smartphone espousal broadcast for their African markets. Ahead that, Jon worked for respective grade one roving operators concluded 15 eld including Orangeness, BT EE in a mix of merchandise, commercial-grade ontogenesis roles. Jon has a BA in Occupation Studies from the Leeds Occupation Schoolhouse in the UK.

Vasilis Douzenis

Economical search director

As an Economical Explore Coach, Vasilis volition be providing psychoanalysis to reenforcement Machine-accessible Society’s Affordability flow. His focussing leave be on assessing the economical impacts of revenue crossways development countries. Earlier connexion GSMA, he was a Adviser for Europe Economics, a London based microeconomics consultancy. At Europe Economics, Vasilis managed various economical search projects for regime such as the European Perpetration and the European Evident Berth, regulative government also as secret clients. He was too responsible the company’s noetic place rights blog. As a adviser, he highly-developed sectoral expertness in telecoms and fiscal markets and acquired substantial get in brownie assessments and stakeholder fight. Anterior to Europe Economics Vasilis washed-out a class as a Postgraduate Psychoanalyst at Barclays Uppercase Investing Banking. Vasilis holds an MPhil in Economics from the University of Cambridge, an MSc in Direction and regularisation of peril from the LSE and a BSc from Warwick University. In 2016 he likewise latterly became a CFA charterholder.

Genaro Cruz

Regulative Specializer

Genaro conducts peregrine wideband reportage enlargement projects in W Africa and LATAM and provides reinforcement on regulative/insurance scoop practices for meshing elaboration crossways respective countries. Genaro united the GSMA astern a pro point publically brass. During his studies, he had the chance to workplace for world institutions alike the French Ministry of Thriftiness and the British Clientele Cant on projects related engineering and economical insurance. Anterior to this, Genaro worked as a propose director development new services for a telecommunication hustler in France. He worked crossways a serial of markets including wandering part, roving apps and TV services. Genaro holds a Telecommunications Technology arcdegree from UNAM university in Mexico, a masters arcdegree in Networks and Estimator Systems from Telecommunication Paristech, and a Masters publically Governing and Populace Insurance from the London Schooltime of Economics.

Wandering Money Squad

Mireya Almazán

Caput of Fluid Money

Mireya Almazán is Brain of Fluid Money, operative with our members and partners to quicken the developing of the nomadic money ecosystem. She coupled the GSMA in 2013 and has held diverse roles, including Commercialise Employment Conductor of Roving Money for Latin America. Anterior to the GSMA, Mireya was a Curriculum Officeholder at the Beak Melinda Gates Institution for six days. At the Gates Introduction, Mireya was a key subscriber to the Fiscal Services for the Hapless radical scheme. She focussed on identifying new investiture opportunities relating to fiscal comprehension and managed a portfolio of factor and roving banking grants in Eastward Africa and over-the-counter geographies. Mireya has besides worked as a adviser and psychoanalyst in the world and individual sectors, including the US Administration. She earned a Masters of Populace Insurance from Georgetown University and a BA in Economics from Harvard University.

Oonagh Molloy

Program Manager for the Nomadic Money Broadcast


Oonagh is the Operations Conductor for the Nomadic Money Curriculum at the GSMA. Anterior to this, Oonagh was the Cognition Communications Director for the Peregrine Money for the Unbanked Program (MMU), responsible efficaciously trailing and reportage MMU’s reach interior and extraneous stakeholders, likewise as organising MMU’s key events and managing our contacts. Anterior to this character Oonagh was in the GSMA Thrum Resources squad as a enlisting specializer and has worked tight with MMU, early Wandering for Ontogenesis Programmes and the wider GSMA surround, ensuring that the correct multitude were busy for the correct character in the well-nigh metre effective and efficacious way. Oonagh has a substantial direction desktop and brings her premature receive from functional inside the corporal IT sphere to the squad.

Claire Pénicaud Scharwatt

Aged Protagonism outlay sentence on the bailiwick merging innovators and communities to expose insights on the use and encroachment of fluid technologies. A stiff centering of his study is related the chance of victimisation smartness solutions, i.e. Automobile to Motorcar modules, for decentralised accession to vigour piddle services. Anterior to the GSMA, Michael has been convoluted in versatile roles related Initiation Engineering in France and the Joined States. Michael is primitively from France and has a level in Microelectronics from Université Joseph Fourier in Grenoble.

Helene Smertnik

Commercialize Fight and Insights Handler, Fluid for Developing Utilities Syllabus

Hélène is the Consultive Handler for the Peregrine for Developing Utilities Broadcast. She is responsible providing consultatory services to Nomadic Web Operators, disseminating insights to the broader ecosystem and development the line of opportunities in the programme’s regions of direction. Erst, Hélène was the Mart Word Psychoanalyst, where she managed the programme’s merchandising and convention activities also as support regional and diligence search. Hélène coupled the GSMA followers her master’s thesis on “The use of nomadic as a pecker for evolution in Kenya,” during which she highly-developed a warm pursuit in business-led exploitation, victimization telecom engineering and base to produce socio-economic shock.

Ilana Cohen

Older Marketplace Conflict Coach, Wandering for Developing Utilities Plan

As the Roving for Evolution Utilities Fourth-year Commercialise Employment Coach, Ilana manages the Introduction Yield Stock which finances organisations victimization wandering to ameliorate push, h2o and sanitization services for the underserved. Anterior to connection the GSMA, Ilana dog-tired two age as a advisor in piddle and sanitisation services, including the covering of wandering tools to supervise serve deliverance and hike cognizance. This grew out of her master’s inquiry on the use of wandering payments for pee bills in Kenya and passim E Africa. During her consulting, Ilana too carried out search for the Earth Swear followers abreast the hob of the Piddle Hackathon and afterwards unionized the Man Cant Sanitization Hackathon in London. Anterior to this, Ilana worked as an environmental advisor in California implementation environmental hob assessments. Ilana holds an MSc Weewee Skill, Insurance and Direction from Oxford University and a Bachelor’s Arcdegree in Biota from Brandeis University.

Rahul Shah

Commercialize Involvement Handler, Fluid for Maturation Utilities Plan

Rahul Shah is the Asia Labor Director for the Roving for Growth Utilities Plan. He is responsible support the Institution Stock in Asia done consultative to applicants and grantees, and for construction relationships with the Nomadic for Growth Utilities ecosystem comprising MNOs, towboat companies, ESCOs, WSPs, academics, NGOs, etcetera. Rahul has a wide-ranging pro scope ranging from technology of radio communications systems to ecumenical direction in solar vim, media amusement and children’s activities. He has an MSEE with a major in digital signaling processing from the University of Missouri-Rolla and an MBA generally direction from IIM-Ahmedabad.

Charu Chadha

Commercialise Booking Handler, Roving for Growing Utilities Curriculum

Charu is M4D Utilities Asia Plan Coach. Therein office she is responsible support the Introduction Stock in Asia by advising applicants and grantees. She besides builds relationships inside the Roving for Growing Utilities ecosystem which comprises of MNOs, tug companies, ESCOs, WSPs, academics and NGOs, among others. Charu linked the GSMA Fluid for Exploitation Utilities squad from CycleTel, a peregrine enabled sept preparation pecker highly-developed by the Bring for Procreative Heathland at Georgetown University. Antecedently, Charu was a Carapace Innovation Chap where she worked with Dharma Spirit, a accompany that supports rural entrepreneurs. She likewise an Insightfulness Swain, possesses important live workings with submit governments in India to articulate populace insurance. Charu holds a Bachelors in Architecture from Indraprastha University, Delhi and MBA from the University of Oxford.

Salima Fazal Karim

Commercialise Employment Handler, Fluid for Evolution Utilities Broadcast

As one of the M4D Utilities Africa Broadcast Managers, Salima manages the Institution Store grantees in Africa. Salima united the GSMA Peregrine for Maturation Utilities squad from its babe broadcast, Attached Women, where she was too managing grants. Anterior to connection the GSMA, she worked for several peregrine operators in Europe, Asia and Africa in the technological and merchandising teams development and managing wandering products and services. Salima holds a Professional of Technology from the University of Toronto and an MBA from the Collège des Ingénieurs in Paris.

Caroline Sheldon

Commercialise Battle Coach, Wandering for Ontogenesis Utilities Plan

Caroline joins the squad abaft a yr and a one-half as externalize coach on the GSMA M4D Encroachment squad. Patch responsible managing the program’s day to day activities and conferrer coverage, Caroline specifically managed the rating services task aboard the undertaking creator, Adam Wills. Workings close with the trey M4D organizations, support consultants and over-the-counter M4D teams, Caroline oversaw the evolution of the resulting showcase studies and Client Travel Fabric. Anterior to functional at the GSMA, Caroline was the Connect Manager of Enlisting for English Commencement, the world’s largest individual breeding supplier, in Impress, Chinaware. Well-nigh latterly she obtained her MBA from INSEAD in 2012.

Wade Owojori

Broadcast Coach

Wadé the M4D Utilities Broadcast Director, responsible ensuring curriculum objectives are delivered to sentence, inside be and telescope. Wadé united the GSMA in 2011. Anterior to connexion the M4D Utilities squad, Wade was the projection handler responsible managing the fat communications services (RCS) roadmap and merchandise specifications. Wadé has propose managed assorted ware ontogenesis and Exploiter Receive (UX) examination cycles with multiple operators and vendors as portion of the Mesh Xx syllabus.

mAgri Squad

Natalia Pshenichnaya

Psyche of mNutrition (mAgri breeding and wellness proviso for women and children in impoverishment; and holistic HIV/AIDS services. Anterior to this Gemma served as an organizational maturation consultant with VSO in Kenya. Gemma holds a BA stage in Sociology and Maturation Studies from Sussex University and has an MSc in Poorness Decrease with Direction from SOAS and the University of London.

Panos Loukos

mAgri Contentedness Specialiser

Panos is the mAgri Contentedness Specializer and is presently based in the London post. Panos workings direct with six mAgri services crossways Africa and Asia providing farming consultancy to draw new advanced approaches to use fluid to pitch on need data to farmers. He supports the procedure of provisioning, managing and maintaining husbandry substance spell too playing as the gospeller to the industriousness for the mAgri broadcast. Earlier connection the GSMA, Panos exhausted respective geezerhood in starring psychoanalyst and consultancy firms with a extra center operators’ digital strategies. Panos holds a BSc in Works Skill from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and an MSc in Set Disease from Majestic College London. More lately, Panos accomplished an MBA level at the University of Manchester.

Ahmed Javed

Marketplace Booking Handler

Ahmed is a Marketplace Battle Coach for the mAgri curriculum based in Islamabad, Pakistan. He provides consultancy and execution reenforcement to grantees in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, assisting in optimizing the rollout and commercialisation of their mAgri production initiatives. Ahead connection GSMA, Ahmed was managing multiple roving money products for Telenor easypaisa. Anterior thereto, he worked with Received Hired Rely, mainly inside the intersection direction and Pocket-size and Sensitive Enterprisingness functions. Ahmed realised his undergrad studies from the Lahore University of Direction Sciences in Pakistan and his MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles in the Joined States.

Bethany Youth

mNutrition Labor Coordinator

Inside the GSMA, Bethany is the mNutrition Task Coordinator, running close with the mNutrition Plan Director on overseeing the effectuation of both the mAgri and mHealth programmes crosswise Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. With background and live in Outside Evolution, Bethany studied Humankind Growing in college and gained a BA in Government and Outside Dealings at Swansea University. Bethany so worked as Externalize Coordinator in a local sympathetic organization immediately load-bearing families and untested mass from institution searcher/refugee, and African/African-Caribbean backgrounds. She specifically worked with underrepresented individuals; managing sessions, workshops, externalise and events that increased assurance, educational aspirations and comprehension inside the community. Parenthesis from her didactics and job roles in growth, Bethany was brought up in Southerly Africa and has volunteered on projects in the UK, India, Africa, France and America.

mHealth Squad

Natalia Pshenichnaya

Nous of mNutrition (mAgri breeding and wellness supplying for women and children in poorness; and holistic HIV/AIDS services. Anterior to this Gemma served as an organizational maturation consultant with VSO in Kenya. Gemma holds a BA stage in Sociology and Growing Studies from Sussex University and has an MSc in Impoverishment Simplification with Direction from SOAS and the University of London.

Bethany Youth

mNutrition Projection Coordinator

Inside the GSMA, Bethany is the mNutrition Projection Coordinator, operative nearly with the mNutrition Broadcast Director on overseeing the effectuation of both the mAgri and mHealth programmes crossways Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. With background and receive in Outside Evolution, Bethany studied Mankind Ontogenesis in college and gained a BA in Government and External Dealings at Swansea University. Bethany so worked as Externalise Coordinator in a local benevolent organization direct support families and new masses from refuge quester/refugee, and African/African-Caribbean backgrounds. She specifically worked with underrepresented individuals; managing sessions, workshops, undertaking and events that increased self-assurance, educational aspirations and comprehension inside the community. Apart from her instruction and job roles in maturation, Bethany was brought up in Southerly Africa and has volunteered on projects in the UK, India, Africa, France and America.

Peris Kagotho

Contented Specializer

Dr. Peris Kagotho (MBChB, MSc. Wellness Economics and Insurance (MSc. HEP)) realized her checkup level at the University of Nairobi. Peris has terminated 10 years’ receive having worked privately and regime hospitals, centering on pinch medication, in-patient and casualty aid, both in Nairobi and the rural areas of Kenya. She is identical passionate approximately timber healthcare organism accessed by all persons wheresoever they are placed. Based on this compelling motivation, she leftfield dynamic infirmary praxis roughly 1.5 geezerhood ago, and became the Clinical Coach, at Hullo Doc Kenya (a start-up leg of Hi Dr. Southward Africa). She worked with IT developers and programmers to modernise a amply performance Bushel Fight Scheme that has supported Tele-Medicine deliverance. She successfully pioneered and launched the Clinical Section, spearheaded a enlisting scheme to take, caravan and on-board 30 doctors, whom she managed on a day-to-day groundwork. Additionally, she successfully categorised, emended and contextualized concluded 10,000 wellness tips to fit the Kenyan universe necessarily and oversaw timber direction standards, maintaining them at a storey of terminated 98% on any tending month.

Tragedy Reply Squad

Mind of Digital Identicalness he so managed the M4D Brownie program. Anterior to connexion the GSMA, Max worked at Orangish on innovation-related projects for the 20+ AMEA affiliates of the Radical, offset as a Projection Director, so as the Line Maturation Strategical Selling Director, based in Jordan and France. Max started his calling as a Telecommunication Scheme Advisor with Altai Consulting, where he worked on projects for Roshan in Afghanistan and Asiacell in Iraq. Max holds a Masters in Direction from HEC Civilize of Direction, Paris, France, and a Masters in Outside Direction from ESADE Job Shoal, Barcelona, Spain.

Martin Karanja

Elder Commercialize Involvement Director

Martin is the Fourth-year Commercialize Involution Handler for the Ecosystem Throttle plan, based out of Nairobi. He is in commission of stellar the Mart Booking squad who anatomy and recrudesce relationships with roving operators and start-ups in Africa and Southward and Southeastern Asia, and supports the start-ups the plan finances done its Founding Store, and bey. Ahead connection GSMA, Martin has worked for Hewlett Packard Go-ahead, Symantec Corp, Airtel Africa, and Orangeness Telkom Kenya among others, and brings a expertness in the ICT/Telecommunication industriousness crossways Sub-Saharan Africa, including Merchandising and Job Growing, Intersection Ontogenesis and Engineering Dispersion. Martin holds a Grade in External Byplay Judicature from Joined States Outside University Nairobi, Kenya, and a Sheepskin in Engineering Dispersion from Globose Engineering Dispersion Council, Grenoble France

Maxime Bayen

Ecosystem Gun Fourth-year Insights Director

Maxime provides the curriculum and its stakeholders with word on introduction inside the Roving for Maturation sphere with a center rising use cases and byplay models that can tether to tumultuous introduction in the fluid blank. Late Exercise Chronicle Ahead connexion the GSMA, Maxime worked for o’er 6 eld as a advisor in the telecommunication tec blank inside rising markets. Successively psychoanalyst, advisor and Tidings Whole Handler, Maxime has been workings rattling intimately with telecommunication operators in the MEA realm for the yesteryear match of eld. Qualifications Maxime holds an MBA from ESSEC Byplay Schoolhouse in Paris

Cock Ndichu

Commercialise Involution

As a Marketplace Employment with the Ecosystem Throttle squad, Shaft builds and develops relationships with peregrine operators and start-ups crosswise Africa and S and Southeasterly Asia, and manages the Initiation Fund’s portfolio of startups. Prick joins us from the Nomadic for Growth Utilities squad where he supported vigour, weewee and sanitisation grantees in Africa and occupied with relevant stakeholders done events, inquiry and publications. Anterior to connexion M4D Shaft was a advisor with the Digital Finance Summation squad at CGAP where he highly-developed tools for collection and analyzing client, mart and fiscal information for PAYG vim providers. Pecker holds a grade in Economics with concentrations in Finance and Chinese Studies from New York University and is presently pursuing his CFA hire.

Rosie Afia

Externalize Director

As Help Labor Handler for the Ecosystem Gas, Rosie Afia deeds with the Mind of Syllabus to care and backup projects and partnerships with Operators, innovators and grantees. She builds on her one-time live functional crossways all heptad M4D programmes in the Wandering for Evolution primal squad. Rosie united the GSMA M4D squad in October 2014 from the London Cultivate of Economics (LSE) where her search focussed on how mobiles are ill-used in continuative with conventional and cozy institutions to ameliorate the bit of modern services that orbit the underserved. Rosie antecedently worked for Foumart Ratings in the made-to-order fiscal services breeding part. Anterior to this she was managing programmes and projects in Zambia, Kenya and Southward Africa ranging from wellness, sexuality and breeding to encouraging local start-ups to present socio-economic shock. Rosie holds a MSc in Growing Direction from LSE and a beginning course honours in Economics Government from Leeds University, UK.

Samuel Ajadi

Insights Coach

Sam is an Insights Handler for the Ecosystem Gas curriculum. His office involves providing fluid operators and startups crossways Africa and Asia with initiation news. Anterior to connection GSMA, Sam was an Psychoanalyst at enquiry and consulting fast IHS Markit, coating Africa and the Center Eastward telecoms marketplace. His key roles convoluted producing reports on hustler execution and strategies, MA, and regulative maturation in the part. Anterior thereto persona, he was a Enquiry Psychoanalyst at the Inwardness for Economical Operation at the London Civilize of Economics. Sam holds a Bach of Skill grade in Economics from the University of Kent.

Gregory Omondi

Mart Involution Director

Gregory is the Grocery Booking Handler for the Ecosystem Catalyst Plan, based in Nairobi. His key roles are identifying and coaching applicants to the Foundation Store, mentoring startups, load-bearing regional and local operators in their efforts to produce start-up favorable strategies, promoting full-bodied partnership betwixt startups and roving operators, edifice and managing early relationships with regional and local stakeholders. Anterior to connection GSMA, Gregory was the Creation Employment Officeholder – Africa at Ushahidi below the Devising All Voices Bet Broadcast, an outside enterprise that contributes towards efficient administration and answerableness by enabling citizens involution and outdoors, reactive authorities in 12 countries in Africa and Asia, his key roles convoluted identifying, assessing, selecting, catching, and managing grantees. He has besides worked as a Enquiry Help at @iLabAfrica, an introduction inquiry heart at Strathmore University. Gregory holds a Masters of Skill Level in Wandering Telecom Founding and a Bachelors of Skill Grade in Clientele It, both from Strathmore University, Kenya.

Vivien Agyapong

Program Coordinator

As Curriculum Coordinator for the Ecosystem Catalyst, Vivien Agyapong supports the Supporter Undertaking Director on the direction of the Foundation Stock national processes. Vivien antecedently worked at the London Byplay Schooling as Syllabus Executive for the Masters in Finance grade program. Anterior thereto, she lived and worked in Toronto for two geezerhood in the Ontario Wellness sphere. Ahead moving to Canada, Vivien was an Administrator Supporter at Jacana Partners – a Pan-African Individual Fairness house and shortly worked at Ungratified Growing as an Outside Communications and Merchandising houseman. She holds a BSc in Sociology and Sociable Anthropology and a MA in Children, Young and Outside Ontogenesis from Brunel University.

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